Zoom Cafe Meet-up

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I am seeking help from some lovely retired people who are willing to share their hobbies and interests on my website.

I recently started my own coaching business. It is called ‘Learn Together Grow’.

The business seeks to encourage people who struggle with dyslexia and procrastination.

I am a single mum of three young children and have struggled with these difficulties myself. I would like some retirees to share their experiences. Anything that can help others to relax and reduce stress.  I cannot afford to pay cash but those who become contributors will have free access to my online Zoom Cafe – where all the contributors can meet and chat while sipping a cup of coffee or tea from the comfort of your own home. Your name will also appear on the writing post. If you can help me, I will be so grateful. I am not a charity or a limited company. You can write when you feel like it. There is no pressure.

All contributors or those who are interested in contributing in the future click here to join our Zoom Cafe Meet-up.

Zoom Cafe Meet-up

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