“Performing Live Music on stage can be rewarding but stressful and daunting at the same time.
I had noticed that I had lost some playing confidence over the last 12 months or so and I had started to worry about the performances themselves.
Not really knowing what to do or who to talk to, I did an Internet search on Loss of Confidence etc and that is when I came across the Website of https://learntogethergrow.com/ and made contact with the delightful Ines Newell.

I had three Life Coaching sessions with Ines by Skype and not only has my playing confidence returned in leaps and bounds but my whole general well being and confidence is amazing.

If you need some support or a confidence boost or any other type of approach to Life I would recommend Ines 100 %.

I am now thinking of taking the step forward and teaching Saxophone myself, sharing the knowledge I have gained over the years.” Stephen Riley- Saxophonist

“Ines was assigned as my coach as part of a two-year civil service leadership programme I am participating in. I have been pleasantly surprised with her coaching techniques and tailored approach, which have been designed to address my particular needs.” – Sharon

“I have really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Ines, she is very easy to talk to and I can open up easily. She is very reassuring and attentive in her observations and comments, remembering and connecting the smallest of details, which I appreciate. Ines has helped a lot with my confidence and because of our sessions, I have been more able to push myself into situations and opportunities I would not have otherwise done. She is always giving me great practical tools to help me overcome situations where I may lack confidence which I am able to use frequently. More importantly, we also talked about the causes of why I may feel a lack of confidence and I spoke to Ines about some very personal experiences of mine. I felt that she always understood what I was feeling and this helped me a lot in terms of understanding myself. She has helped me become more aware of myself and has motivated me to live past my insecurities.” – Saada (university student)