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Since overcome many obstacles with my learning difficult and built a comfort lifestyle for myself and my children. I believe it’s my time to inspire others to reduce stress, achieve their personal and professional desires, seek new adventures, enjoy the here-and-now, express their love. In short; to be their true selves. Like I received from my mentors.

I am Ines Newell, dyslexic and the founder of ‘Learn Together Grow’. But have managed to deal with both by learning and growing with my difficulties. I have a diploma in Life Coaching, level 4 in Counselling, Level 3 in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector and have just completed my postgraduate certificate in Business and Executive Coaching (awaiting results).

The reason for my coaching services is to help people with learning difficulties, connect, develop and grow in confidence to pursue further education or overcome learning barriers that are preventing them to get better jobs, a promotion at work or start their own business.

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