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My name is Ines Newell and I’m a relationship coach. And when I’m not coaching, I’m a mum of three children and I’m currently pregnant expecting my fourth child this July 2021. My family and I enjoy camping, rock climbing, sewing, baking, writing but most importantly doing activities with my partner and our children. Relationship with people around me is very important to me. I believe we are stronger and happier when we have a good relationship with others.

I have worked with the following organisations: Samaritans, Department of Work and Pensions (Early Talent Programme), UpRising Charity ( helping university students achieve their educational goals). And I am currently supporting Family Action.

My background experience is in business start-ups and helping professionals develop a healthy and robust mindset- skills whilst maintaining their own individuality.
I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Executive and Business Coaching, a Diploma in Life Coaching and a Counselling Diploma at level 4.

Why choose me as your coach?

I have experienced a range of difficulties in my own personal and professional life. Experiences that broke me spiritually, emotionally and physically. Getting out of those dark days took a lot of strength, determination, perseverance, motivation, passion and the belief that obstacles in our lives are temporary and come to us because it is the universe telling us that it is our time to overcome these things so that we can grow in our mental well-being and unlock the unlimited possibilities that are within us.
As a coach, I believe I bring a fresh perspective and a safe place to discuss sensitive issues. You can contact me to discuss further your support.



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