Yellow Rose 🌹

Snowing deeply 
Cars trapped, the sound of the engine is all that can be heard
Woolly hats and gloves are worn 
Smiles and good cheer spread as if Christmas has come again
It’s February, a few days to March, snow everywhere 
Children laughing and praying for no school 
Parents dreading the chaos of work and child-care
But it’s time also for flowers to blossom 
One in particular is the yellow rose
A yellow rose, a  sign for
joy, wisdom and power
Just like a snowflake, fragile, but powerful enough to cause chaos 
A rose that isn’t loved in the right way becomes empty and devastated
She can be surrounded by thick snow and blossom, but is on autopilot 
But when loved and protected by the richness of words of wisdom, she will find  peace, and sledge through deep snow like a child full joy and happiness
The yellow rose can be sad even though the sun shines brightly
Many people have touched the yellow rose, but without love 
But one mighty knight singing at the top of his lungs can change all that, then the yellow rose begins to blossom with joy, wisdom and power
She becomes the flower she is intended to be
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