Dyslexia and Me

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The name Learn Together Grow came about in a discussion with my three beautiful children while driving them to school one morning.  So, it is special to us, and I hope it will become special to you and your family too.

Learn Together Grow is a place where, through mindful coaching, we can all learn meaningful life skills. It includes overcoming learning difficulties such as dyslexia ( which is something I have), but it is not limited to that sort of diiffculty. It may be something more straightforward such as learning to overcome the fear of revisiting missed educational opportunities. Going  to college or university, or gathering the courage and resolve to launch out in business or in some other way. Learn Together Grow does what it says. It is about learning together and growing together. I bring my life experiences and learning difficulties and coaching experience to the table to inspire and help you to develop your own potential and achieve your goals.

On our website you will find  inspirational, instructional and lifestyle articles helping you to move towards your desires and goals.

 As I have said, I have dyslexia as do my children. I struggled at school, but people just assumed I was lazy and stupid. I struggled at college after leaving school and, later, had problems at work reading instructions. it wasn’t until I gave up hope and decided to study beauty treatment and therapy so I could work for myself that I realised there was a problem. Everyone was excelling, but I was struggling to process information in the classroom.  It would take me weeks before I could grasp one module. One of my classmates had these coloured papers for her texts, and I asked why her texts were in different colours. She explained to me that she had dyslexia. As I tried reading text from her papers something just felt right.  But I still could not work out what the problem was.

I could not, of course, take her materials  home with me, but I explained to my teacher that I was able to read the text better on the coloured papers my classmate had. I was told that I needed to go and get tested with a dyslexia organisation in Leeds. The Beauty College organised it and I went. The dyslexia organisation couldn’t diagnose me fully. They explained that because English is not my first language they could not be absolutely sure, but I displayed some signs of dyslexia and some of those were not processing information quickly and a lack comprehension.

So, I spent over 14 years searching  ways for me to learn, and I studied many online courses before, in 2015, plucking up the courage to attend a classroom training. I was scared. My body was shaking and I couldn’t focus. I believed that everyone was better and smarter then me. But I continued going. And I started doing well. I acquired a qualification for teaching in the Adult Learning sector, and also one for teaching English as a second language. I then studied counselling and I got my diploma at level 4. I couldn’t believe it. From there I pushed on until I got to study for a Postgraduate certificate in Business and Executive coaching at level 7 which I just completed before my 40th birthday this past August.

When you have a learning difficulty it is hard to share it with others. If you do, some people will empathize with you, but others will just assume that you are lazy.

I believe the learning difficulties that you may be facing are an opportunity for you to stare the situation down, challenge it and see where your courage and confidence will take you.

My learning difficulties have lead me to help others in the same position. I have helped single mums in smilar positions who felt they could not face the challenges of life, but they have gathered together their courage and made a success of learning and growing.

When I am not running  Learn Together Grow, I have gone back to studing for my GCSE in Maths. I didn’t pass it at school, and I wanted to understand the subject and also help my children with their maths homework. That is my current challenge.

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