3 simple ways to slow down

Covid-19 has brought added stress, insecurity and fear into our lives. No matter what your background you have to admit we are worried. About our jobs, finances, families. There have been reports describing increases in divorce rates during this Covid-19 pandemic leaving children to be raised in broken homes. Stress and money worries prevent us from seeing the beautiful lives we have created for our families. We cannot change the past or what we said yesterday, but we can change today, doing those things we need to do to find inner peace and tranquillity. We need to let go of stress and allow our minds to locate calmness so we can have better clarity and decision- making for ourselves and our family.
Learn Together Grow is a coaching service that helps not just to promote and encourage those with learning difficulties but also those who are looking to make changes in their lives by creating a calm way of living and acquiring stress reduction techniques.
Ines Newell, the founder of Learn Together Grow has tried the following methods to help find tranquillity and peace in troubling times.

1. Going Camping
Mother nature knows what she is doing. She has some of the best stress release techniques for getting us to slow down. Have you considered camping? The numbers of people going camping have noticeably increased during the lockdown. I have been camping in Edale and the Lake District recently and there is no doubt that people are appreciating the value of nature. She has a way of making us slow down. No, you don’t have all the comforts of home, but it is marvellous to sleep in the tent after using the BBQ to cook your supper and get up in the morning to look outside the tent and appreciate the glory of nature, have a leisurely prepared breakfast and then go walking in the hills and lakes being greeted by friendly and warm people, and when the evening shadows lengthen and night falls to gaze at the vastness of the darkened sky and wonder at the twinkling stars and planets.

2. Comedy
Do you want to drain off your energy and diminish your enthusiasm for life? Then turn on the news or pick up a newspaper. On the other hand, if you want to get the bounce back in your life watch at least thirty minutes of comedy a day. Comedy works. It sets something positive off in your life. Good comedy is like a release valve for the things you are worried about. It drains them away. There is a reason we love to laugh. It is like taking medicine. Take your medicine and whilst you are taking it to take time for a laugh.

3. Give Yourself Permission

You don’t have to be given permission to do things. We are in a season where it seems we need permission to do all manner of things. There is a list of things we cannot do. Life has been limited. Turn this around and begin to give yourself permission to do things. Stop looking for others to validate what you are doing. Try doing something you have not done before. It doesn’t have to be planning to climb Mount Everest or a trek in the jungle. Let me start you off with something small and simple. Here is an exercise:

• Breathe in slowly three times and breathe out slowly three times.

• After each time say the following three times:

‘I am sorry I feel stressed. But it is okay. My mind is calmer now, and I know I can deal with my difficulties. I am becoming stronger.’

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