As Anyone Climbing With Long Fingernails?

Hello everyone,

I do a bit of indoor and outdoor rock climbing and with lockdown, I haven’t done any climbing. I naturally have long fingernails that are strong and last a long time months before their break. I take care for my nails, coming from a beauty background your appearance is important from head to toe. I’m a member of the climbing group and I posted the following text:

‘This a stupid question to ask I know but I wanted to know as a lady going climbing with long fingernails? I naturally have long nails. I used to cut them when I was beauty therapist as used to do a lot of massage treatments but since the lockdown, I closed my beauty business and I have started another business which means I don’t have to cut my nails any more but I’m worried about going climbing.

Any advice to keep my nails and still go climbing?’

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