Dyslexic C Pen Reader Review
A Review of the C-Pen Reader
The C-Pen reader is a clever little fella. It is a breakthrough in technology to help people learning to read or wanting to improve their reading ability.. It is particularly helpful for people like me who have dyslexia. You scan a portion of text with it, and it speaks out the text you have just scanned. What I do is read the text out loud first then scan it and listen to see if I got it right. I have three children (12 and under). They also have dyslexia to some degree. The C-Pen reader has helped them significantly. My little boy can now read his bedtime books by himself and he loves the scanner’s internal dictionary. His reading ability has improved massively.
Whilst it helps dyslexic people it can be used by anybody wanting to improve their reading ability including their foreign language learning. My C-Pen reader can also speak French and Spanish ( you just change the setting) and the kids have used it for their foreign language homework.
The C-Pen reader is lightweight and can easily fit into your pocket or handbag. It is entirely self-contained. It requires neither a computer nor wi-fi. This has been great for us when we have gone on holiday. We usually go camping in remote places where there is no access to wi-fi, but we have still been able to use them.
The C-Pen reader is a quality product.

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