How to do you increase your followers on WordPress?

There are many platforms for bloggers. All good in their own way, but many bloggers ( myself included) use I fell into blogging hard many years ago. I wrote on various platforms back then. Mostly poetry, book reviews and short stories. At the time I was just testing the waters, and I wasn’t a very serious blogger. One thing I have remained shy about  though is making video -blog content. I feel far more comfortable sitting in my chair, tapping the keys of my laptop and sipping my delicious herbal tea.

I suppose it was easier to blog back then because there was less competition. So you could be more relaxed and write at your own pace. Now we have many, many  blogging competitors some of whom are really very good and covering a lot of different areas. I admit I love reading other people’s blogs and learning from them.

I moved to WordPress three years ago and I have played with the settings, and I just find it fascinating;  I moved my beauty business onto WordPress three years ago. But, I was very busy with my clients so I spent less and less time blogging and used it mainly for information billboard purposes.

After the lockdown came into force, I had to make the hard decision to close my beauty business that I  had operated since 2007, I had a beauty room in my home and covid-19 made me rethink about having people in my home and possibly passing the virus on to my children. Being a single mum of three I had to find a new avenue to make an income. I don’t like the idea of being on benefit so I retrained and started my life coaching business. I also  have an online shop where you can find inspiring, motivational books to help beat whatever mental struggles you are currently facing. Don’t forget to visit and if you want to support me then feel free to buy something.

In my time using WordPress I have found that you have to ask people to follow you or whatever else you want help with. Think about asking/telling your beautiful readers the following:

  1. Ask them to follow you- whether you have a free or premium account just ask and you will find that most people are kind and willing enough to give a helping hand
  2. Tell them why they should subscribe. I find it helps to tell your readers why you want them to follow your blog.
  3. Tell a story to kick- start a conversation instead of writing posts that give too much information.
  4. Your posts have to contain life and establish a real connection between you and your readers
  5. If you have other methods to get your readers to follow your blogs or subscribe to your website do share it on comment below to help other bloggers, thank you.

Most importantly have fun writing your blogs.

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