Are your writer struggling to submit your work on time

If you are a writer there is so much you have to do in pitching your work to magazines, newspapers, publishers etc. Starting to write the actual story or feature can be the easiest step but continuing to write you may well come up against the well-known writer’s block. I know this only too well. I joined a writers’ group a while back before COVID-19 changed all our lives.  I love writing. I would start an article, but then my mind would just stop. The flow of the river would suddenly disappear as if diverted down some subterranean cavern. I was given an opportunity to write some articles for a dating site – Plenty of Fish– you may have heard of them. I blew the opportunity because I kept putting it off, I did the first draft and sent it off. They asked me to review the work, but I felt so stressed that my mind’s creative mode would not breathe life into anything.