Set Us Free

It came in disguise

Lurking underneath the sandcastle where an innocent girl was rebuilding certain demolished parts of the castle

It was something dangerous and caning

The girl had seen her entire life hurt and betrayed

Every betrayal came in disguise 

She was an abandoned child

Her father died before she was born

No image of him was given to her

Her mother gripped by fear gave her daughter away

Her days were full of trials and tribulations 

But she had many dreams and her beliefs brought into being a life full success 

Yet the ghost of childhood continues to emerge in her life

What potion can she take

What magic word can she say out loud to free her from this beast 

She knows now that it wasn’t her fault but breaking the pattern is hard

He now comes in a spirit of love and gentleness

He comes with a good heart, but his words are deceitfully delicious to her soul

She lets herself believe that he cares

And no harm will come to her

She has one thing right 

No bruises to hide

But she feels powerless and strapped every time

She wants him, close, he has that magical way with her

Every time she escapes, he comes to meet her at the same place, the same time, when she’s rebuilding her castle 

His face 

His personality 

Different every time

He doesn’t just grab her by the hand

He is more sophisticated

He asks for permission 

She hopes that this time with his new face and personality he would love her, protect her from the darkness 

She thinks that maybe he would weep her tears when the nightmares comes back to hunt her

But instead he has plans of his own

She is just the little girl he needs to boost his ego

She knows how to take care of someone like him

She was well taught after all

He wants things to be discreet 

This sends her into obedience mode

He says gently but repeats it often

She thinks she can get out 

But finds herself inside a bird’s cage

Where she can’t touch the sand

She watches how her beautiful castle crumbles slowly

She is now loyal to him

He has no sense of direction 

No purpose, he is in a mess

He is afraid to leave the other woman who cannot fulfil his needs 

He is afraid of being alone, so he refuses to leave the other woman 

Everyone knows her

What would friends’ and family say

What disgrace 

How would the kids cope if he was brave enough to leave?

For the sake of the kids, he tells himself 

The girl in the cage will help, he thinks

She does for a while 

Then the other woman seduces him

And he leaves the girl in her cage

With lies, hurtful words

He is weak

If only he could leave the other woman 

Be free to start something better for himself 

Love himself 

Reconnect with himself 

Free to be a good role model for his sons and daughters 

Setting the other woman free, she too could make a better life for herself 

And he wouldn’t have needed to go out and find innocent girls to play with

Because they would be free to finish rebuilding the sandcastle and have a better future

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