Learning to Grow Through Painful Challenges

It was one cold morning, I was driving my kids to school in my grey Kia Carens; the grey colour of my car reflecting the English weather spot on that Monday morning. My life was in pieces: the stress of my divorce, stress from studying for my postgraduate Certificate in Business and Executive Coaching, and stress from raising three young children without relatives around for support. So, when I failed my postgraduate Certificate in Business and Executive coaching in 2017 by 5%, it left me exhausted and broken inside.

The stress levels seemed eternally unstoppable. My only source of strength and escapism was to listen to motivational speakers, successful coaches and to self-coach. Listening to great men and women who had struggled through life and yet had become an inspiration to many. They filled me with hope as, slowly, I saw a way forward. I knew I was filled with overwhelming fear inside , but I had to show strength on the outside for the sake of my kids.

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