How organised is your bag?

I love bags, my favourite designer is Jasper Conran. Whenever I can, I buy one of his bags. Oh my gosh, it feels so good. I am transported to heaven. However, it is not just Jasper. My kids know me so well that if we go to the shopping centre and there is a bag shop or bags on display anywhere, they pull me away.

I just love bags. I don’t buy a bag just because it’s pretty, it also has to be the right texture and it has to feel right for me, it is an extension of my outfit, it is an extension of me.

I do have a problem though organising my small bags. I get frustrated with their messy state. Finding my keys and lip gloss can be a nightmare.

I came up with an idea. I took an old fabric placemat and turned it into a purse organiser by folding it, pinning the sides, placing my items in it to measure the pocket lines and then sewing along the lines.

Now my bags are mess-free, and I can find my keys and lip gloss with my eyes closed.

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